Answering the Call — Why I’m joining the U.S. Digital Service and what that means for Tech Superwomen

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Answer the call.

This was the inspiration that started the Tech Superwomen movement in 2011; it was about answering the call to make our tech community better, more inclusive, and as a result, more innovative.

What started off as a tweet grew into a movement. It culminated with the inaugural Tech Superwomen Summit this year.

Now, I’ve been asked to serve our nation and join the U.S. Digital Service — I couldn’t be more thrilled to say yes.

Service to our nation has a long tradition in our family: my father, uncles, brother, and cousin all proudly served and/or currently serve in the Air Force, Army, and Navy.

I’m inspired by them, and I am honored to be giving back to my country in another way: helping to support the big effort to transform the technology that underwrites government services.

I believe that we are taking on some of the biggest challenges our government faces: helping veterans access their benefits, modernize our immigration system, and help students find options for financial aid. These are just a few of the ways technology can help bring real change to our fellow citizens. And we need committed, talented, and brilliant individuals to help us do this.

That’s why, for the next year, I’ll be working on building strategic partnerships and alliances for the White House U.S. Digital Service as a member of the talent team.

I’ll help to bring in top tech talent to lend their skills to the government, with the goal of improving services and strengthening the technology infrastructure of our nation.

As I take on this new role, I’m excited to bring my insight and lessons learned about the challenges and opportunities to make tech more inclusive with me. As we build out government technology teams, I will be focused on bringing the spirit of innovation and inclusivity to the space.

What this means for Tech Superwomen:

The summit will be back 2017. In my capacity as a member of the U.S. Digital Services team I will suspend the Tech Superwomen summit for the duration of my post. Once that is complete, I will resume the summit. The movement continues and Patricia Posey, Tech Superwomen Community Strategist (and my wonderful sister!) will manage online communications.

I’m excited for the year ahead — thank you to everyone who has supported Tech Superwomen and the mission of making our community more inclusive.

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