Inspiration is fuel in the start-up world – Kristen Galliani – Tech Superwomen at SXSW Spotlight Series


Tech By Superwomen is thrilled to have Meshin as the sponsor for the Tech Superwomen Tee giveaway at SXSW 2012. The co-founder of Meshin is the inspiring Krsten Galliani.

Kristen is a senior marketer with a passion for customer-centric innovation. A foodie who loves to cook, she can be found inside the world famous PARC working with her Meshin team to bring meaning to information.

Here, she shares with the TXSW blog her thoughts on mentorship.

Kristen Galliani on Mentorship, Inspiration and Starting a Company

Who is your favorite mentor?

I wish I could say I had really great mentors in life, but the reality is that mentorship has been hard to come by for women, at least in the past. 

Meshin co-founder Kristen Galliani.

I draw inspiration from organizations like Tech by Superwomen and Women 2. 0 — amazing platforms to get the word out and celebrate the accomplishments of women in the tech industry. I try to dedicate myself to mentoring where I can and draw insight from the stories of women who have succeeded. 

What difference did that make in your life / career? 

Inspiration is fuel in the start-up world. Start-ups are a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. The women founders who share not only their successes but their failures and challenges keep me going.  It’s encouraging to know that you are not the only one who may have hit a wall at times. The insights they share help me build a ladder over the apparent wall or find a new path. 

As a co-founder of a tech start-up, what advice would you give to women entrepreneurs? 

Always remember that knowledge and insight are often found in the most unlikely places. Everyone has a unique experience and a story to offer. Try to get out of your ivory tower and talk to others. It is so easy to just listen to our own train of thought but a fresh perspective may change everything or confirm our gut instinct – both are extremely valuable.

What is Meshin and how can people leverage it for a better SXSW experience?

Meshin is all about bringing meaning to information. We have two apps on Android and are about to go to iOS. The first unifies your communications and brings the important people front and center, the second, the one we are launching at SXSW is called Meshin Recall. It allows you to take Evernotes right from your calendar and through our technology makes them findable forever.

It is perfect for SXSW and we are launching the Recall Much campaign that’s focused on remembering with a little help from Meshin Recall and Evernote. This is just the first step, stay tuned for new announcements and developments before the end of April.   

Don’t miss the exciting launch of Meshin Recall, follow the Recall Much campaignJoin us in Austin for the  SXSW Interactive Tech Superwomen panel on March 10!

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